Round 1, Battle 13 (S. 9 Ep. 18) This Little Wiggy vs. (S. 5 Ep. 15) Deep Space Homer

And we laugh legitimately. There’s a mathematician, a different kind of mathematician, and a statistician.

Winner! Next Battle.

But I’m guessing trenchant insight is what you crave. And trenchant insight is what you get.

Despite the fact that this episode revolves around Homer, it never focuses on Homer long enough for us to lose track of the hilarity. This episode is a series of vignettes of Homer vs. : Homer vs. and inanimate carbon rod, Homer vs. NASA, Homer vs. Barney, Homer vs Race Banyon, Homer vs. the rod again. Homer is a good fit when he is the underdog in these scenarios, that you secretly root for him to succeed in some small way. And he gets his reward, the fleeting admiration of his son in the very end. It’s super touching, especially…

Ah, screw it, it’s just funny the whole way through.

Hey baby, remember me?

 This episode is a lot of things. A lot of things that really bug me. Ralph’s character gets completely ruined, turned into a one-liner simpleton that’s the butt of every joke. A Rodney Dangerfield with no awareness. And the humor that stems from it comes across as really mean. I feel bad for Ralph, he doesn’t know that the only attention he gets is either pity or to be taken advantage of. And the jokes at him have some teeth to them that don’t translate well or paint any of our characters in the same light. I don’t feel happy when I watch this episode. And I guess you can give this episode kudos for being able to make me feel something so strongly. But it’s also very hollow feeling, with some cheap laughs and dumb support from the other family members. Oh, and it ends with that leprechaun. That’s inexcusable.

The Verdict

You’re right, Marge. Just like the time I could have met Mr. T at the mall. The entire day I kept saying, “I’ll go a little later. I’ll go a little later.” And then when I got there, they told me he’d just left. And when I asked the mall guy if he would ever come back again, he said he didn’t know. Well, I’m never going to let something like that happen again! I’m going into space right now!

That’s all that really needs to be said. That one quote alone – combined with 21 minutes of blank space can beat half the episodes in this tournament.

Up Next:

Two juggernauts square off. I feel this will actually be closer than initially thought. (S.4 Ep. 9) Mr Plow (that’s his name) goes toe to toe with (S.4 Ep. 14) Brother From the Same Planet. You know, the one with the Big Brothers. And Pepi!

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